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Mi6 is the yet-to-be-released flagship model of Xiaomi Inc, a Beijing-based mobile phone manufacturer that was established in 2010 by eight pioneers.
‘Xiaomi’, on being translated into Chinese means millet and is also an amalgamation of two words – Xiao, which is based on a Buddhist concept and Mi, which is an acronym for Mission Impossible and Mobile Internet.
Through the name, pioneers of the company wanted to convey that they believed in making a beginning from humble and little things and that they had to face several hurdles on their path to set up the company.
Over the years, Xiaomi Inc has diversified into several related sectors but it is the Mi range of smartphones that still retain the honor of being the company’s flagship products.
Latest in this series is the Mi4 that was released in 2014 but it was the Mi3, released in September 2013, which was adjudged as the fastest ever Android-based smartphone by apps relevant to the niche.
In 2015 was the release of the next model, namely Mi5, followed by the Mi6. An advantage that Xiaomi enjoys over its competitors is its operating software named MIUI which ties several products bearing the Xiaomi label together and hence is reflective of a lifestyle.

Xiaomi Mi6 Specs and Features:

Like the company, the core concept of Xiaomi Mi6 is based on starting things small and then gradually letting them grow into a global force. To this effect, Xiaomi has till now restricted its products to Asian markets and only after having tasted unparalleled success has the company thought of breaking the ice on international frontiers and explore hitherto unexplored segments. Mi6 is likely to be the first representative of the company on a global scale and is being eagerly awaited all over the world courtesy of its following features and specifications:

Screen –

As regards to the screen of the Mi6, it is expected to feature a bigger 4K display than its immediate predecessor, the Mi5, meaning its screen-size would be larger than 5 inches. With a resolution of 4096 by 2160 and approximately 700 ppi, the quality of display should be amazing and unparalleled so far.

Camera –

Even though Xiaomi sets lower prices for its models, there is usually not a lot of compromise on the provision of features, especially where the camera is concerned. Being released in an era when selfies rule the roost, it is imperative for every smartphone to feature a good camera and the Mi6 satisfies this criterion through a 12 Megapixel and 7 Megapixel front and rear camera respectively.

Processor –

As usual, it will be the Qualcomm Snapdragon Octa-core processor but the speed would range between 2.5 and 2.7 GHz as opposed to the 2.3 GHz that is likely to characterize Mi5.

Memory –

One of the methods of marking upgrading in smartphones entails increasing the memory and in this regard, the Mi6 is likely to feature an additional memory option of 128 GB apart from the usual 16, 32 and 64 provision. Another expectation in this regard is the provision of two slots rather than one so that memory can be further expanded to 256 GB if required.

Eye Scanner –

While Mi5 featured a fingerprint scanner, Mi6 is expected to feature a retina scanner which is supposed to be more responsive and hi-tech. It could also be an iris scanner but definitely a step ahead of the technology that was used in Mi5.

Wireless charging – 

The next revolution that hits the smartphone segment pertains to the technology of wireless charging and Mi6 is likely to carry this feature wherein the phone would just need to be placed on any charging mat in order to re-energize itself. While it would be possible to charge the phone to 30% in just about 20 minutes, the halfway charging point of 50% could be reached within 30 minutes of charging time.
That said, the 2450 mAH battery that the phone is going to be equipped with will ensure that the device would be efficiency personified and can be easily charged without any compatibility issues.

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Xiaomi Mi6 Rumours-

One of the persistent rumors about Mi6 pertains to it being the first Xiaomi product to travel beyond Chinese borders to USA, Canada, and European countries. True though it is that Xiaomi has risen to the third position as a smartphone manufacturer within a short span, the company has always limited itself to Chinese markets and to some extent maintains a presence in some Asian countries. However, it has focused only on the home markets for continued sales and that is why its move to launch products in Europe and America is being closely watched by observers.
Another rumor pertains to the company taking its commitment towards upgrades seriously and working towards this aspect. It also seems keen to prove a point that it is indeed possible for a smartphone to include latest features and technology without causing a minor fortune since all of the same can be acquired at almost half the price.

Xiaomi Mi6 Release Date-

There are several reasons as to why the release of Xiaomi Mi6 is being predicted as being huge not just for the model but for the company too because it will be the first time when a flagship product of the company will transcend geographical boundaries. Circa June 2016 is the time-frame during which Xiaomi intends to release the Mi6 in China followed by Japan, Thailand, Singapore, and India.
This will be the first time for Xiaomi’s products to be released beyond Chinese borders and Asian markets as has been the case so far and by the middle of June the phone is expected to be launched in European and North American markets. Ranked as third in the list of leading global phone manufacturers, Xiaomi hopes that its launch in USA and UK in 2016 will enable people to realize that this company is indeed serious about delivering a horde of features at affordable prices. However, sales are likely to be delayed in American and European markets owing to a massive demand for Xiaomi Mi6 in Asian countries.

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Xiaomi Mi6 Price-

As of now, the price of Mi6 is expected to be around $399 in the USA(Rs19,990 in India)
which translates to a little more than 2000 in Chinese Yuan. These are of course only our best guesses based on previous Xiaomi phone prices. Prices in other countries like India, Germany, and UK are expected to be comparable to these benchmarks and this is strongly indicative of the fact that Xiaomi is committed to its policy of delivering more for much less.
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