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Some smartphones are all about tech, some are about cameras, but what most people really want is a stylish business phone that will make them stand out in a crowd. Luxurious phones are there to make a statement. Phones like Vertu Aster are instantly recognisable and make a statement about their owner – popular, stylish and successful


Pricing on these luxurious phones has been a real problem for the general consumer, as they go sell for 2000+$. Thanks to UHANS U300, however, you can pay just 200$ and still inspire success.
UHANS U300 Business Phone Luxury Tough

UHANS U300 Introduction and Specs Business Phone For The Stylish

Introducing this phone is a real pleasure, as it’s instantly recognisable and offers much more than just looks, but the looks astonish. A great business phone with style to spare.
UHANS U300 Business Phone Luxury Tough PICS
UHANS’s logo/speaker looks and feels premium with a clean cut metal plate.
UHANS U300 Business Phone Luxury Tough PICS
Having a leather back makes the phone feel natural to hold while not slipping or sliding on any surface. Using separate volume and power buttons make it comfortable and you’ll never press the wrong
UHANS U300 Business Phone Luxury Tough PICS
The thick metal rim provides a nice grip and at the same time ensures this baby can take a hit/drop and survive and is IP65 dust and splashproof. Making business and fun fuse into one great package.
UHANS U300 Business Phone Luxury Tough PICS
While being a bit bigger I was surprised how light it is considering the metal rim.
Out of the box, you get a screen film placed to keep it safe from scratches in addition to the micro-USB cable, 5V/2A slick black charger and sim pin. The provided charger takes around 3Hrs to fully charge from 0 to 100%, however, if you have a 9V/2A one it will take you around 2Hrs.
From the great design to the thick metal sides, gorgeous display, IP65 protection and a leather back UHANS U300 really makes you stand out in a crowd.
Performance is great thanks to a 64-bit Octa-Core MT6750T in addition to that 4GB RAM and 32GB Storage, a 13MP Samsung Camera, fast and accurate Fingerprint Scanner and a big 4750mAh Battery.
UHANS U300 Business Phone Luxury Tough Specs
UHANS U300 is running Android 6.0 Marshmallow multi-language ROM with over 30 languages supported. LTE bands supported are 1,3,7,8 and 20 while being dual-sim.

UHANS U300 User Interface and Features Business look and Neat Features

Running on stock Android with a few neat little additions, UI speed is super-fast with no lag.
UI style is classy with 4 themes that really suit the phone.
Wallpapers packed inside are really nice, compared to competing smaller brands.
UHANS U300 Wallpapers UHANS U300 Wallpapers UHANS U300 Wallpapers UHANS U300 Wallpapers
Furthermore, UHANS provided a great 5.5″ FHD IPS Panel with 10-point touch with added Miravision and Blue Light Filter.
Most noteworthy is the fingerprint navigation options, in addition, you can tap once and long press the sensor for more functions – really useful. I found myself using tap once to go back and long press for home very often.

UHANS U300 Benchmarks, Performance and Battery Life
Business and Style with Speed!

Packing an octa-core 1.5GHz CPU, 4GB RAM and 32GB Storage, therefore multitasking is superb with fast and fluid switching between apps.
No longer will you see reloading apps with the UHANS U300, even keeping 2 games open in the background will not slow it down. If this was to be your business phone you would definitely appreciate the work station capabilities with lots of RAM, which is great for multitasking. Regarding benchmarks, the MT6750T is keeping up with Snapdragon 430 and provides decent Antutu and Geekbench scores.
UHANS U300 ANTUTU UHANS U300 Geekbench UHANS U300 Storage benchmark
Light and Moderate 3D gaming runs fine on the U300 but heavy games like Modern Combat 5 and Asphalt 8 will lag on high settings. I recommend you playing heavy games on medium settings. These thoughts are solidified by Epic Citadel score of 38fps, which is lower compared to the recommended above 40 in Ultra High Settings. This is a business phone with gaming in mind, but I appreciate they prioritised the design and functions over gaming performance.
GPS lock and positioning is fast and accurate when used outside, even without Internet.
Thanks to the big battery and great display with 10 point touch, battery life on the UHANS U300 is very good.
UHANS U300 Display
You can definitely get over 6hrs of screen-on-time, even with heavy usage which is great for a business phone.
Most users will get 2 days+ battery life with normal usage while economic users can get even 4-5 days if used mainly for calls, watching videos and browsing.

UHANS U300 Camera Review

No business phone can be complete without a proper camera setup and thankfully UHANS have done a good job with the camera.
Most noteworthy to mention the camera supports phase-detection AF and has built-in stabilisation helping to take better photos and videos on the go.
UHANS U300 Business Phone Camera UHANS U300 Business Phone Camera UHANS U300 Business Phone Camera
Furthermore, a very capable 13MP(interpolated to 16MP)Samsung sensor with f/2.0 aperture takes great daytime photos. Pictures have lots of detail and colours are natural with no over-exposure.
UHANS U300 Business Phone Camera Sample UHANS U300 Business Phone Camera Sample UHANS U300 Business Phone Camera Sample UHANS U300 Business Phone Camera Sample UHANS U300 Business Phone Camera Sample
Focusing and shutter speed are not the fastest, although when the results are this good, I really can’t fault it. Auto mode delivers great results with daylight photos being automatically snapped at ISO 50.
I would advise UHANS to change the camera app, because the plain looking MTK camera app, doesn’t really fit with the business phone style of the U300.
Low light photos were OK with relatively low amounts of noise, something truly noteworthy from a smaller Chinese company.
UHANS U300 Business Phone Camera Sample UHANS U300 Business Phone Camera Sample UHANS U300 Business Phone Camera Sample
Video Quality is nothing special, but not bad either.
Front camera takes OK selfies, especially with HDR enabled in daylight, however, it’s not as good as the main camera.
UHANS U300 Business Phone Camera Sample UHANS U300 Business Phone Camera Sample
Beaty mode is standard, and the results are fairly good with fewer wrinkles and a better skin tone.
Front Cam video is only 480p at the moment, which is OK for Video Calls, but not very good for vlogging.

UHANS U300 Conclusion with PROS and CONS

Making a statement about your lifestyle and getting people to notice you more is not easy on a budget, however, UHANS U300 makes you easily distinguishable and guarantees you’ll be noticed and respected. With a unique style, comfortable feel, toughness, great camera and good battery life, this should be your choice for a business lifestyle phone.
+ Outstanding design, really makes you stand out
+ IP65 Dust and Splashproof resistant
+ Leather back for comfort and grip
+ Thick metal rim can withstand a good knock
+ Main Camera takes good photos even in lower light
+ Fast UI Speed and Good Multitasking
+ Good battery life
+ Great Display
+ Fast and accurate GPS
+ Built-in fingerprint navigation management
– Video Quality on Both cams is average at best
– No Gyroscope sensor
– Heavy games will lag on high settings
– Long charging time with supplied charger

– Outdated security patch(may 2016)

– USB-C and NFC would have been nice

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