Top Tech Startups That have the chances to bloom in 2017

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Well, only four months have passed off the year and we already have a hit list of startups which are although new to this market yet experts believe that they will bloom this year. We are not only talking about the Indian startups but startups worldwide. So, here we provide a list of top tech startups in 2017 according to VC investors:

1.     HOOKED

Prerna Gupta was the inventor of the application, which aims to solve that problem with stories that are told in bite-sized chunks and built for your phone.
Hooked has been recently successful in getting a funding round of $1.2 million with investors like Greylock,500 Startups, Foundation Capital and Gil Penchina, which brings its total funding to $1.9 million.
She and her husband who are business partners are now trying to bring a developer’s perspective to literature in the same way they brought it to music.
It currently has 200 stories, but aims to reach 1000 by the end of this year.

Opendoor is a different kind of a real state. It is a Francisco based startup that buys homes for cash based on a black box pricing algorithm.
The company makes money by taking a service fee of 6%, similar to the standard real estate commission, plus an additional fee that varies with its assessment of the riskiness of the transaction and brings the total charge to an average of 8%.
Online ticketing services are moving onto mobile, but Brad Griffith, the CEO of Gametime says the experience isn’t good enough.
Gametime let fans use their phones to buy tickets and enter live entertainment algorithmically selects great values. They take 35 seconds to purchase a ticket.
They have got a funding of about $33.3 million.
TheSkimm is a morning newsletter (now with an app) that condenses the news of the world into easy-to-read headlines and blurbs.
It was founded by two former journalists and now has become the daily newsletter for more than four million people.

Zipline is the world’s first commercial drone supply service. Zipline makes drone that can supply emergency medical service like vaccines, medicines and blood. While all other companies are experimenting with drones Zipline is a step ahead of all. It has a funding of about $85 million.
6.     SOFI

Social Finance(SoFi) is changing the loan industry when it comes to refinancing student loans. SoFi has applied data science to make refinancing student debts easier than ever, and it’s exciting to see them expand their service offering into other categories like insurance and home mortgages. It has a funding of about $i.58 billion.
7.    AFFIRM
Affirm provides loans from the point of sale so shoppers can pay for purchases across multiple months. It is a new way to pay for purchases.
These are merely a few, but there are a lot of startups which are sure to hit the list of known startups.
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