Top Hacks to extend battery life in Android Smartphone

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Nowadays, the usage of the phone has been increased to a higher level. Whenever people want to buy an android mobile, they tend to opt for the mobile that has better battery life. People slog themselves to these new technologies and hence become inactive.
Today’s smartphones provide us with many high tech features but if they do not have a prolong battery life then it is of no use. Let’s suppose if a person is stuck in a remote area and he/she wants to contact someone for help, then in that situation, a good battery life will only help. It’s up to us to how we can increase our phone’s battery life. Here I have compiled some reasons for you to extend your battery life.
During summer, you can find a noticeable drain on your battery due to high temperature, so it is advised to keep your android mobile out of sunlight and warm places. Your battery doesn’t drain only in summer, but also during the winter season, the cold weather causes a severe effect on battery. This cold temperature deteriorates your android battery faster than you expect. so at this time, make sure to keep your mobile closer to your body, in a purse or in your jean pocket as it keeps your mobile warmer thus extending your battery life in this cool and hot aura.
If you are in a long meeting, or in a leisure place or in a situation where in a place you don’t have a charger, don’t panic just switch on to airplane mode. By switching to airplane mode it disables all the hardware functions such as cellular connectivity, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS which automatically stops the background apps running your android mobile, thus enhancing your battery life. Switch off the airplane mode only when needed. Thus it is a valuable trick and ensures to have an extended battery until you reach your destined place.
By enabling location tracking, you can see significant saps in the battery. Most of the Google apps in your android mobile have location tracking features which systematically records your location and reports to Google services. So make sure to turn off your location tracking to have a longer battery life. On your android mobile go to settings and switch off the location tracking which disables all the tracking services in your mobile and stops it from further draining of the Battery.
The more net you use, the more it eats your battery life. The petite coverage of internet saps your battery life as your mobile spend more time and energy on catching to the signal. Whereas when you have a faster coverage like 4G, also drains your battery life. Moreover, while traveling switch off your internet as continuous switching on to the signal along your journey drains the battery. Besides these, try to switch to 3G rather than 4G unless you are in need of faster speed.
If you want to have prolonged battery life, then uninstall all the unused apps as it eats your battery. Moreover, if you want to close the apps you are using, pressing back button isn’t enough and apps would still run in the background. So make sure to close down the apps manually. This will save you battery for little longer. Other than these, when you install apps they automatically update themselves. This is ok if you have one or two apps, but when you have more no of apps, then you have to recharge your battery continuously to use. So always make sure to check the app settings often and delete the unwanted apps.
Keeping brighter screen brings down your battery power. Adjusting the screen to dimmer is the best way to keep your battery power. Many android mobiles will automatically bring your screen brightness to dimmer when you have a low battery. So, set your brightness in beforehand. Go to your android mobile settings set a base for screen brightness which extends your battery for few more minutes. Besides these, set least time for sleep mode as having your screen on will drain your battery life.
Together we can help to change the present scenario of this Android Technology. Unnecessary usage of apps in mobile phones will not only decrease the battery life but also will make a person more social in terms of physical presence. Together we can bring a change….. By spreading some awareness. . . Hope this will be useful for you.
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