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 Think how we would be without the inventions
like the light bulb or smart phone and others innovations etc, we would be
still in dark without any connection with others literally we would be living
iron age. Our genius ancestors unveiled the World into digital with new
technologies. Here I have compiled the list of top 10 gadgets that changed the

Top electronic gadgets
 Smartphones has become an integral part of our
daily life. The Mobiles not only makes calls, take photos, but you can also
watch videos, access youtube, WhatsApp, facebook and also play games. With
several new innovative technologies, Our Smartphone makes our life smarter and

 As we grow older, we have seen improvement of
television with new technologies from black and white television with doors to
flat screen to digital. In addition to these, the television comes up with
several features like pausing, recording making it easier for people to watch
their favorite show when they want. Our technology expertise did not stop only
with these, they also unveiled 3D TV to give live effect to people.

 Taking Photos with your camera gives one a
memorable experience whenever you look at the photos. Like Smartphone camera
has also become a part of your family. When you roll over the year’s back it
takes days to take photos out of the films, moreover, whenever you are on a
trip you might run of the film. Now with a digital camera you can take a number
of photos and delete the unwanted making it user-friendly. Today, you can also
take print of the photos instantly and also the quality of the pictures keeps improving.

 The computer has shrunk the whole World into a
Village. When computer was first introduced it was of room size. With several
innovative circuits, genius made computer smarter, handy and more powerful.
Like the above saying, the computer connects each and everyone around the
planet. Today you can see PC in each and everyone’s home. This computer has
paved the way for developing Laptops, tablets, and Smartphone.

when one wants to hear music, he or she was said to carry CDs with Walkman/CD
player etc. When iPod was introduced, iPod was owned by everyone as it could
hold all music. The latest one hosts FaceTime, HD Video Recording, Retina
Display, AirPlay, iTunes, Games, iOS, iCloud, Air Print and Voice Control.

 The game boy is a handheld game gadget
introduced by Japan. This was the best gadget that every child’s school journey
was made happy.

 This is really a World-changing gadget. Though
it was too big to fit, it really a best gadget which is used to convey all news
around the world.

 The Surveillance Camera is one of the gadgets
that ensure people’s safety. With this spy camera, investigators find it easy
to catch the culprit keeping the World safe.

 Can you ever think of summer without Ac, it’s
even hard to think about the fact. With AC, whatever the outside World weather
is, it makes cool at summer and warm in winter.

 This is one of the modern gadgets that display
the roadmap making it easy for the people to drive to an unknown place.

The above Gadgets have changed or I can say improved our lifestyle. Our life becomes more comfortable and entertaining than ever. If you have any other gadget in your mind then do share it in comments.

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