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 For all those who have set their hands on their latest Android device and are confused on which new software they need, then this is the list for you. Yes, this list includes the top 5 essential apps for your Android device. By essential, I mean these are the apps that can boost your productivity in your day-to-day activities. I’ll admit, this list doesn’t have everything. It doesn’t even begin to touch the seemingly infinite variety of the Google Play store. What it does cover are the apps that you should install on your Android phone or tablet as soon as it comes out of the box. This list of apps is a starting point, or a baseline, that I think any Android user should consider.

•    Evernote
Evernote is one of best productivity app out there in the Google Play Store. It is used for taking notes, lists, reminders, to do list and what more, it also features an optical recognition tool that makes text in photos searchable. The stored data can also be backed up in the cloud. Although available for free, the premium features can be purchased for a nominal fee.

•    Last Pass
Most of us are very bad at remembering things, especially when it comes to passwords. So, 2nd on my list would be the Last Pass, which is definitely the best password manager. The last Pass generates a unique password each time you login. Last Pass also stores your Passwords in the highest grade encryption, so you don’t have to worry about your privacy.
•    PicsArt Photo Studio
Probably the best photo editing app- Picsart Photo Studio easily beats out its competition as it has many powerful photo editing tools and not to mention those amazing filters that make you stand out from others. It also lets you share your masterpiece in every other social media through its app.
•    Pushbullet
Pushbullet comes very handy, especially while sending texts, files and links seamlessly to your other devices. More than that, it also mirrors the notifications from Android to your desktop. Pushbullet syncs with your device and lets you take full control of your phone over a desktop.

•    Backdrops
Aren’t you bored of the usual stock wallpaper on your android devices? If yes, then you should definitely grab Backdrops in that case- it is the best wallpaper catalog with hundreds of new wallpapers being updated every day to make your sure you are never bored with seeing the same wallpaper.
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