How to make Your phone unreachable in different ways.

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Yes, that’s right. That’s the message you hear from the other end when you call someone and he or she does not take your call or is genuinely unreachable. But what if this someone is a candidate and he refuses to pick your call simply because he is unsure of his decision?

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This is not an uncommon situation, right? There are several instances when recruiters repeatedly call candidates to continue with the hiring process, only to realize that their call is not being taken. Or in simple words – the candidate is not reachable! This kind of behavior is most often seen among Indian job seekers. Oh yes, they insist on not picking the phone since they do not have a concrete answer to give. In other words, instead of facing the problems which have been created, they escape the problems and run away.
We wish that someone would knock on the candidates’ heads and tell them that by not answering the phone, the problem is not going to be solved. If there is an issue with the profile or the package, shouldn’t they be picking up the phone and discussing this? If they have a better offer in hand, shouldn’t they make up their mind and reject this offer? Instead, they rely on telecom companies to convey the message that they are not reachable. And yes, the telecom companies are playing the postmaster’s role really well!
There are several ways by which we can make our phone unreachable…

1- Wrap Copper or Silver Foil
Best easy way to make mobile, not reachable is put your mobile inside COPER FOIL or Cover it completely without giving a small gap. This creates a protection shield where signals cannot bypass inside.
COPER FOIL or SILVER FOIL you will get it in shops, or hotels (where it will be used to pack roti, chapati, etc)
Also, you will get this along with a purchase of Horlicks refill pack.

2- Airplane Mode

The simplest trick to make your mobile unreachable is just put your mobile on airplane or flight mode.

3- Manual Network Selection

Go to setting > Phone setting > Network selection. Select network using manual option. It will search and display the available networks. Now click on the network other than the actual one. An error will occur and then your mobile will lose its network. And now when you feel you are ready to take a call, just go back and select the network using automatic in the network selection option. You will get back your phone network.

4- Forward call to Landline

The next way to make your mobile network unreachable is to forward your call to any landline at your home and then remove the receiver from the cradle. So whenever anyone calls on your number then the caller will get the message that your mobile is out of coverage area.

5- Remove battery while calling

Another amazing way to make your mobile unreachable is taking off your battery while making a call. The game is over, now when anybody calls on your mobile he will listen to the message “the number which you are calling is currently out of coverage area please try after some time”.

6- Start Downloading

This is another possible way to make mobile unreachable, for this you must have a GPRS pack. Now at the preferred time start downloading apps from a different browser. This trick will not work every mobile phone but may work on some mobile phone.
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