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is the smartest and most important word for digital marketers worldwide, be It
a brand, YouTube Channel, Enterprise, Political campaigning  or a fully fledged broadcaster, OTT has
competitively brought the David’s and Goliaths of the space on to the same arena.

couple of years back Branding strategist were head bent over social media
jargons and speculations which got almost everyone running in herds behind any
marketing catch line they got, OTT is more sense towards the brands and its
consumers, it enables the marketer to communicate digitally in the most human
way possible putting across what it means qualitively.

is the most competitive creative concept which a digital marketer can use, as
much as the competition rocks the functional space within OTT the same unlies
the technology companies providing OTT services. Whilst marketing teams are
constantly flexing their marketing and strategy resources to catch up to the
day to day competitiveness with strategy revisions and no solid ground to step
on, the OTT technology companies are running the same marathon on technical
ground. The evolution of the web has matured into a Big Bang pace where there
are new complexities and possibilities evolving everyday and new challenge
springing up every day. But how does a company stand up in such murky waters.

The light weight strategy
– technology companies don’t stand alone anymore, they have marketing analyst
with deep web roots making sense of any tremor felt and transforming it into a
formidable technology move. Companies like Google, Ericsson and microsoft,
being the heart of the web technology and a key contributor to the development
forms such as HLS Video & Web RTC, which are key technologies shaping the
web today.

Welcoming Change – Change
is key, but it’s the double edges swords which are tossed every time, it could
mean good or bad. Grasping mature technological insights which relates to the
market is key for this business. The web is a piece of earth with change
tremors every day, adapting change and modeling the change to accomadate your
brand or  strategy Is key to putting out
the best.

Gather your force  – Conversing
and walking with your patners in the space is key and vital. You could be a
leader or fighter, but standing alone in this space means that next change wave
could wipe you down and you will spend more efforts standing up rather
completing. Make ties and partnerships with partners, Solution vendors,
technology stack providers and solution integrators. Gather your best force
which can effectively delivery the solution for you cause the areana is large
and roaring.
of you, who are reading this, may have had problems contemplating your thoughts
and technology with your ideas for the OTT space. Well some companies are the
best at helping your realise the best of the philosophical lines I quoted
above. RGB Broadcasting they are a consulting firm operating for broadcasters
and media houses, so if your are media firm or broadcaster with an above medium
audience, get in touch with these guys they should help you realise better
value for your ideas. They offer SaaS and On Premise models for customers,
discuss with your provider in detail about your requirements.

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Kamal Narendran Menon

Telecommunications Engineer and project Manager at RGB Broadcasting. 10 Years of experience in practicing Service roll outs and delivery. Areas of interests Telecommunication systems, OTT, WEB, Video delivery, Solution Architecture. Get Connected with him :
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