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Apple , a name you must have heard of if you have a phone. And you must have a dream of having iPhone. Apple iPhone is a gadget that every person wants to have because of its features that other phone makers don’t give. That’s why it is expensive too. Having this phone makes you conquer of world. But having this phone is not sufficient if you don’t know how to use it. So let’s talk about features of iphones that are just amazing!

Use a more secure alphanumeric passcode

 To enable go to the Settings app > Touch ID and Passcode > Change Passcode and when prompted to enter a new passcode, tap ‘Passcode Options’. This offers you advanced options like opting for the shorter four-digit passcode, or, in this case, a custom alphanumeric code – simply tap that and enter your new password.

How to take photos while shooting videos

 Just tap the camera button, which appears on-screen in order to take photos while filming video.

Shake to undo

you can give your iPhone a shake to bring up the undo/redo dialogue box. Hold it tight as you don’t want to loose your iPhone!

Triple-click Accessibility shortcuts

Another accessibility setting that could come in handy is the Accessibility Shortcut, which can be found by going to Settings > General > Accessibility and then scrolling right down to the bottom. Tap ‘Accessibility Shortcut’, and you’ll see a menu of options.

Find words or phrases on a web page

Find it by typing the word or phrase in the URL/search bar at the top of the screen.

Use your headphones to take a selfie

Everyone knows that you can take selfie with volume buttons but less known fact is that you can take selfie with your headphones also.

Have your iPhone read out your texts

First of all navigate to Settings > General > Accessibility and toggle the option ‘Speak Selection’.

Hidden field mode

Type *3001#12345#* into your iPhone’s dialler and hit call to launch the hidden Field Mode tool. This sub-surface menu turns your bar chart-based signal indicator into a far more straightforward numerical-based signal signifier.

Turn on the “optimize storage” option to save space on your phone

Optimize Storage” option in your Settings, located under Music. From there, you can choose how much space you want to save, which determines how many songs will be deleted from your playlists. Don’t worry, you didn’t listen to those songs anyway.

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