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Like the last few years, Samsung will launch an array of
products this year as well, and the company has already outed almost ten
devices this year. The South Korean giant is betting big on its upper mid-range
Galaxy C series. Now, a sketch of a device posted online claims that it is a
Galaxy C lineup device.
The interesting part, however, is the dual camera setup at
the back. Most of us have assumed that the upcoming flagship Galaxy Note 8
would be the first Samsung phone to feature dual camera setup. But it looks
like Samsung wants to try out it first on the upcoming C series handset before
the Note 8.

Another noticeable thing in the posted image is the new
design for the antenna bands, which are now placed above the camera module.
This implementation seems to be clean because, in the previous Galaxy C
devices, the antenna bands used to run around the corners, which at times,
blocked the signal reception of the phone.

                                  Image result for samsung

Samsung has been keeping the firsts exclusive to Galaxy C
lineup. One of the Galaxy C smartphone released last year came with a 16MP
front-facing camera (the first Samsung phone to pack larger front camera), and
if they implement the dual camera setup on upcoming Galaxy C device, we won’t
be surprised at all.

Samsung initially thought of including the dual camera setup
on Galaxy S8+, which was also confirmed by the prototype images that were
leaked after the official launch of Galaxy S8. Nevertheless, Samsung decided to
not go with the dual cameras on the Galaxy S8 series, and the entire focus has
now shifted to the forthcoming Galaxy Note 8.
This news will be a surprising for many out there. Until
now, nothing has surfaced about the so-called Galaxy C smartphone with dual
cameras at the back. Also, there’s no information on when the smartphone will
be released to market – before or after the release the Galaxy Note 8.
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