Nokia and BSNL join hands to lauch 5G in India!

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During the press meet to
announce NOKIA being acquired by Microsoft, Nokia CEO ended his speech saying;
“we didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost”.

To this, the world reacted and concluded the philosophy of life; ‘Your refusal
to learn & improve will, one day, definitely lead you to become redundant
& not relevant to the industry. And you will learn the lesson for life in a
hard & expensive way.’ It seems that NOKIA have learned its lesson.
It is not only willing to change according to the present trends of telecommunication;
it is fully prepared to lead the expansion of 5G technology in India!

After selling out their mobile phone business to Microsoft, Nokia focused
extensively on telecommunications infrastructure business. But at Mobile World
Congress organized in March 2017, Nokia made an International comeback by re-launching
its most popular feature phones and launched its android devices. And Finnish
company further stated its commitments to work on 5G technology standard and
management of connected devices. In the recent development, the company has
signed a MoU with BSNL, a state owned telecommunication giant; to bring 5G
technology to India by the fiscal year of 2019-20.

But if different stories are to
be believed, the road to reach to the masses won’t be easy for Nokia. It will have
to compete with telecommunication sensation Reliance Jio which is planning to
roll out 5G technology with Samsung in the same fiscal year of 2019-20. However
Nokia enjoys the enormous trust of the masses of India and it is its biggest
advantage over Reliance.
But as the customers, be
excited to witness the next power tussle between telecommunication giants as we
have witnessed after introduction of Jio and be ready celebrate the rate cuts.
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