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Huawei Honor V9
Huawei’s sub-brand Honor, has been getting quite a lot of attention in the past 2 years. First with the exquisite Honor 7 that stole the hearts of smartphone users in 2015

Honor 7

(including my own, used it for over a year). With great Octa-Core chip, 3GB RAM and 23 MP Sony Camera it became a fan-favourite! It wasn’t ,however, until the Honor 8 was released that the brand got a global recognition.
Huawei Honor 8

Dubbed “The better and Cheaper Huawei P9” the Honor 8 was for me(my daily driver) the best smartphone of 2016 without a shadow of a doubt. Packing great performance, same dual-cameras as the P9 and a more elegant and stylish all-glass body.

It’s one of the most sought after smartphones today, as it delivers unprecedented specs and camera for the price. Recently, Huawei launched the incredible Mate 9

Huawei Mate 9 and Porsche Design

that packed a better camera and much improved performance with the new Kirin 960, but the price is now up to par with the rest at around 600$, so it’s a bit out of reach for most people, including myself!And here is where the Honor sub-brand comes once again to deliver a premium device, at a cheaper price!

Today Huawei have certified in China the new Honor V9(Chinese Honor 8 was with a metal unibody and was called V8)
Honor V9
The device is set to feature better cameras and the new and improved Kirin 960, so you’ll get much better performance for a better price. The Kirin 960 is not only fast, but is Google Daydream Ready, so VR won’t be a problem. Packing the new Mali M71 graphics, it’s fully compatible with Vulkan API(something the P9 and Honor 8’s Kirin 950 and 955 where not) to deliver better graphics for your games and better performance.
This is a feature that is not available even with the Samsung S7 and S7 Edge Exynos chips, since they too use  the Mali T880, which is not Vulkan compatible. Same thing goes for all Mediatek Helio devices currently on the market! The Honor V9 will be running Android 7.0 EMUI 5.0 out of the box, and pack 4-6GB RAM with 64-128GB Storage!
Honor V9 Specs
The display will be 2K resolution at 5.7-inches! Definitely built with VR in mind!
The Honor V9 will also pack a huge 3900mAh battery!

Honor V9 specs 2

The camera is said to be an improved 12+12MP design, with bigger pixels, to get more light in, so you can take better shots at night. The Honor V9 is set to launch in late February or early March at around ~400$ price point!

Definitely not bad for Mate 9 performance and specs at 200$ cheaper!

We will get a review sample once it becomes available, so stay tuned to our youtube channel for the latest smartphone reviews


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