Mi5 and Mi5S prices lowered!!!!!

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Those of you that read tech news the last few days, you
might have read about rumors the upcoming Xiaomi Mi6. An upcoming upgrade is a
good news for people that don’t bother getting the latest flagship every year
but settle with last year’s flagships that have reduced prices.

Among last year’s best devices, undoubtedly is Xiaomi Mi5
and its upgraded sibling, the Mi5S. The Mi5 came a bit late, a long time after
the Mi4 and was a huge upgrade. Featuring the Snapdragon 820 along with 3GB/4GB
RAM and several storage options, it sports a compact size with a 5.15″ FHD
display and a 15MP camera with OIS. The offer is about the 3GB/64GB version.

Some months later, the Mi5S was released with upgraded
hardware and slightly different design. The current model features the
Snapdragon 821 SoC.

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