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Browsing the Internet is such an awesome thing to do, right? But, most of the internet users will agree that there are some things which are just enough to ruin our experience. And if there is anything more annoying than a slow network, it is those sites out there which bombard us with tons of ads. They not only frustrate us but also reduce the speed and increase the risk of our computers being attacked by malicious entities. Sometimes these websites even track our location without our permissions. So in order to help you get rid of these super irritating ads, we bring to you a list of some Ad blockers to help you browse ad-free and more efficiently-

AdBlock (for Chrome) 
 With over 200 million downloads and 10,000,000+ current users, AdBlock is undoubtedly the most popular ad blocker for Chrome. It is very easy to install and does the work automatically. This software is available to download for iPhone, Safari Browser (Mac OS X) and Opera also.
AdBlock Plus (for Chrome and Firefox) –
It is also a very popular ad blocker. AdBlock Plus was the one to start off the trend of introducing acceptable ad whitelists. The AdBlock Plus website also has versions for
This software is also available to download for Opera, Safari, Maxthon, Internet Explorer and even Android.

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AdBlock Pro (for Chrome) –
Based on AdBlock Plus, AdBlock Pro comes with a simple interface and creates no such fuss of accepting ads. One of its main features is the icon button that sits in the address bar instead of the normal add-on area and has 3 simple options- disable, go to or create a filter.
Adguard (for Chrome and Firefox) 
A little less in terms of user base but not in terms of feature, Adguard is easy to use and has one of the most extensive support for browsers, from Chrome to Firefox, from Safari to Opera, and some more. Not only this, it gives users an option for adding extra blocking scripts can and thus blocks interstitial ads too, one of the features that easily provide it an edge over its competitors.
AdRemover (for Chrome)
A lesser known add-on, AdRemover is very similar to AdBlock just minus the support tab. It does its job nicely and doesn’t require user’s personal information to run or register.With an easy to use interface, this one is simple yet powerful. 


Ghostery (for Chrome and Firefox)
Ghostery is way different from all the others mentioned above in terms of its technique for blocking ads. Using a feature called “Ghostrank®”, it can block analytic scripts, web beacons, privacy scripts, widgets, and of course advertisements. Also available for Opera, IE, Safari and mobile operating systems, Ghostery gives users an option to customize settings for different sites too.
SuperBlock AdBlocker (for Chrome)
Just another AdBlock fork from the same developer as AdRemover, it isn’t much different from all the others you have seen before, except for an extra filter and a few styling changes.
µ Adblock (for Firefox) 
Easy to use, easily understandable interface and based on Easylist and EasyPrivacy, MicroAdblock is almost as easy as it can get. Not just the simple click block/unblock, now it also removes redirecting URLs from search engines, like Google, Yahoo, Naver and Daum. Apart from this, you can also block social buttons on it and is incredibly fast, which makes it a very strong contender in the list of good ad blockers.
µBlock Origin (for Chrome and Firefox)–
Available for both Chrome and Firefox, this ad and script blocker is much more CPU and memory efficient than others. Plus its interface in unconventional and helps in filtering out the ads properly. It blocks a lot but not too many scripts out of the box and is easier to use with many external blocklists readily available. You can also block specific sites from loading via its advanced mode.
So, this was the list of some most popular Ad blockers to help you stop those annoying and overbearing ads on your favorite websites. So go on now and browse anything, anywhere without getting your user experience ruined by these seemingly futile ad pop-ups.
Happy Browsing!


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