Jio 4G feature Phone : Coming this June ?

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Airtel, Vodaphone, Idea, and other telecom brands worst nightmare is almost over. Jio De Dana Dan Offer will be last in line after summer offer, happy new year offer. But.. yes A big BUT is there, Jio is all set to launch its feature phone under 1,000 which will for sure destroy Smartphone market. 4G feature is something, which most Indian will feel comfortable in using. 

We are going to round up top features of an upcoming feature of Jio :

The Design

This will be a simple bar phone, although there are rumors that there might me a flip phone too. But leak images in past suggest it will be a simple bar phone, with solid buttons. More like Nokia 3310, it will have a very similar TFT multi-color display

True 4G
Jio feature Phone will come with 4G support, with seamless VoLte support and hotspot sharing we can expect it to be next level of digitalization in India. Although this is a basic feature phone, the company is working with developers to bring some social media apps and other necessary apps which one may require on a daily basis like Facebook, Instagram, uber, etc. to work with this device.

The Price
There are two rumors, either this phone will cost Rs 999 or it will come with 1,499 price tag, in both cases, it will be affordable and will offer value for money. Do make a note that this is not confirmed officially by the company but the info which we got from our internal sources. 

VoLTE feature phones come with basic things like the keypad, front facing, and rear cameras. The phones will function on Android operating system. Devices will be equipped with Jio’s content applications such as Jio Chat, Live TV, video on demand. 

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