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Being provided with increasing storage of iPhone with from 16 to 64GB, we always tend to fill up our iPhone mobile with lots of music tracks. Yet we want to add some more it and we end up in getting pop up message from your iPhone “You are out of storage and out of luck”. Thus put us in pressure to delete many of our favorite songs. It is easy to fill up your phone, but to optimize your iPhone storage to free up some space is hard. In this article, let’s see how to optimize your iPhone music storage to automatically free up space.

The previous version of ios when memory is full deletes most of the music which are frequently used. The ios 10 version introduces a new feature that helps to optimize your storage in music and significantly freeing up some space making it comfortable for the user. This optimizing storage on iPhone is done when your iPhone memory is full; it selects the minimum number of music which rarely listened to are removed from your iPhone. This io keeps the frequently played songs and newly added tracks.


  •  Doing this process is too easy.
  • Just your iPhone and open up our settings app. Within the settings, the app looks out for the music option and tap on it. Tapping on the music option helps you to access the music on your device. 
  • On the top half of the music setting, you can see icloud music library and check whether it is toggle on or off. If it is off turn on the icloud music library. Important to note is the music optimization only works on Apple music and icloud library music.
  • After this, click optimize storage by scrolling to the bottom and keeps it on.
  • Below this optimizes storage, you can find the storage levels from 4, 8 32 GB and select the minimum storage that you want for music.
  • If you seek none, then ios will delete the music as much as it needs to free up space. Note that Ios will only par when your phone memory is full or its near end and never stops you from adding music.
With this new feature, iPhone user need not worry about filling up your phone with music
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