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Whatsapp is the most widely used messaging app in the World. People tend to make awful mistakes by sending a wrong text or sending a text to a wrong person. To avoid this and to make WhatsApp customers more comfortable and to help them from the embarrassing moments, Whatsapp has been working on new features that allow users to edit and recall even after sending the text.
Currently, the firm has been testing its new feature within its iPhone beta software of Whatsapp web version 0.2.4077 based on the Twitter post by @WABetaInfo.
By having a long press in the ios version of Whatsapp now, pop-ups a small menu with two options. The two options include Edit – which helps change the content of your message and Revoke – which allows the user to delete the text from the conversation. Therefore allowing the user to revoke the sent message within 5 minutes of time.
Moreover, WhatsApp also helps to edit the message with new shortcuts on a beta version of the app on Android. Here, when you select your preferred text, you have formatting options like Bold, italic, strikethrough. These formatting options can be done through the following steps
Ø To make your text bold, just put asterisks between the texts you want bold. Example: *bold*.
Ø To have your text in an Italian style, use underscores between the words.
Example: _ italic_.
Ø And for Strikethrough, use tildes (~).
The only drawback is we have to learn all the formatting options and have to type’s commands. So in order to avoid these, the apps new feature displays all the formatting options once you select the preferred text with a tap and hold. Thus making it handy for users.
These two new features are expected to feature in the app in the nearer future. So let’s wait for that auspicious day to use this new feature in our Mobile.
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