How to Activate Whatsapp Video Calling Feature “FROM PLAYSTORE”

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Yes ! you read it right, now you can activate much awaited video calling feature of most popular app directly from playstore. Finally, there is a reason why you should make this the main app to make or receive video calls or any other type of communication from your mobile device.

The feature is currently in beta testing phase, and it probably won’t be too long before we see it being enabled for everyone across platforms. You can wait till it is officially rolled out, or you can follow step below and stay ahead of curve.
So here are few steps through which you can use video calling feature while updating WhatsApp directly from playstore..
1. Visit Playstore and search for Whatsapp

2. Scroll down to bottom, where you will find Become a beta tester Option.

3. Click on  I’M IN tab

4. Wait for few minutes, you will soon see ” You’re beta tester of this app. Awesome ! “

5. Now Update your Whatsapp from Playstore 

6. That’s it, now you can video call any one, make sure they also sign up as beta tester and have same version of app as you have.

If you are going to get the WhatsApp beta version, remember that it is not yet available on iOS devices. But, the video calling ability of WhatsApp should be released any time soon.

Video calling feature from whatsapp is still in beta face, you may face several issue initially, but as time passes we expect it to be overcomed by developer. If the above process worked, then share it with your friends, so that they can get it too, if you face any issue, comment below and we will short it out.. Keep Reading Like us on Facebook for more tech news
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