Apple Event 2017 Keynotes – Announcement for Launch of iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X

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September 12, 2017 – This date will go down in the history of tech
industry as a day that changed not only Apple but the entire mobile tech
industry. Steve Jobs Theater hosted its first ever event in form of Apple Event
2017. During this event, Apple announced variety of products and services also
they paid tribute to the Man behind the success of company, STEVE JOBS.
The event started with Beetles Song and was followed
by few minutes of silence to pay respect to Jobs. Later, Tim Cook took the stage and the very first
thing that was announced by him was Apple Park, the new work place for Cook and
his colleagues. The park is powered by one of world’s largest solar
installation and works 100% on renewable sources of energy. The park also has a
visitor’s center and a retail store for every visitor. Apple also started with
new customer service called TODAY AT APPLE.
Today At Apple is a program started by Apple to
improve how a person interacts with their phone. Photo Box is one such program
where customers can interact with professional photographers and improve their
photography skills using just their phones. It is also great platform for
budding and aspiring app developers as they can learn from professionals and
experts in a retail store near them.
After this, Tim announced all the products and
services that people were highly anticipating, all the products and services
announced at Apple Event 2017 were
  • Apple Watch series 3

Order dates- 15th
September and Available from 22nd September


  • Watch OS 4
        Updates available from 19nd
  • iOS 11
        Updates available from 19nd
  • Apple TV 4K
       Order dates- 15th
September and Available from 22nd September
  • iPhone 8/8 plus
      Order dates- 15th
September and Available from 22nd September
After announcing these products, Tim said those
words by Steve Jobs that made everyone watching his keynote excited and kept
them on the edge of their seat. Tim Cook said “ONE MORE THING” with full
excitement and enthusiasm, hoping to create same impact as Jobs did, when he
said these words. The excitement and spark that Tim had during this moment was
something that we missed in previous Apple Keynote after Jobs.

iphone x

Tim announced the much awaited and much hyped,
iPhone X. iPhone X-The smartphone of future; the phone that
will supposedly change smartphone industry forever.

However customers won’t be able to order the 10th
anniversary iPhone until 27th of October while delivery of this
model will start from 3rd November. All of the above released products are termed to be
revolutionary and will set standards for coming generations to follow.
What do you think of Apple Event 2017? Did it remind you of good old days when Steve used
to announce new phones? Are you excited for new iPhones or planning to queue up for iPhone X are you
#teamandroid? Feel free to share your views in the comments section below.
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