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It’s that time of the year again and we have the new Android
version rolling out. Well, at least the developer version of it.  It’s been a month since Google released the
developer version of the latest Android aka Android O and there aren’t many
people talking about it. So you must be wondering what does the new Android
offers, what are the new features, how does it look and what new does it have
to offer the tech enthusiasts?

Here are top 5 ‘upgrades’
over the previous version.

Look And Feel

Besides from having minor changes Material Design is still
the same because Android O focuses on important background changes like
notification channels to providing even greater control over the Android
system. When you swipe down the notifications slider you’ll see the first
visual changes in Android O. The strip of six toggles at the top of the
notifications shade now takes up a little more space on-screen and there’s a
little re-ordering of the toggles in Android O since Nougat. The Settings menu
is where most of the visual changes look to be taking place in the Android O
release. For starters there’s a new color scheme: both the Pixels and Nexus
devices get a black and white approach but you’ll still see their individual
blue tones used for accents here and there.

Software Tweaks

Some entirely new features like better Bluetooth audio
support and adaptive icons are a welcome addition. It’s early days yet, but
Android O is looking feature-packed already. The notifications themselves,
they look just the same as in Nougat. If you have multiple notifications,
you’ll notice that as you drag the notifications shade down, a tiny icon for
each notification appears in a horizontal line at the bottom of the shade. As
you drag the shade down, each icon pops up and expands into a full notification
as more screen space becomes available. If you long press on a notification
you’ll see a toggle for Notifications, allowing you to disable all future
notifications from that app.

Status bar

In Android O, System UI Tuner now lives under Settings >
System. It contains four areas (for now): status bar, do not disturb, navigation
bar and lock screen. Status bar still provides a list of toggles for enabling
or disabling which icons you see in the status bar, so you can remove
persistent Bluetooth or hotspot icons if you so wish.

Next up is the navigation bar, which adds a bunch of cool
options in Android O. There’s a layout option that lets you choose between
normal, compact, left-leaning or right-leaning .

Background process limits         

Google has been optimizing
Android more and more lately to limit the amount of battery drain and resource
use that apps are allowed to do in the background. As we’ve seen a lot lately,
advanced users will have control over exceptions to these rules, but by and
large, Android O will severely limit background processes to intermittent
windows of activity controlled by the job scheduler.

Unknown Sources!

Adding apps from anywhere outside
Google Play typically just required you to hit your security settings and
enable Unknown Sources. But in Android O things get taken up a notch. You’ll
now also have to grant permission to the app you’re using to download the APK.

For example, if you want to
download an APK via Chrome, you’ll first be prompted to give Chrome permission
to install other apps via the “trust apps from this source” toggle in the
special access section of the apps and notifications setting. You only need to
do this once per app however and you can always revoke permission at a later

Other Information

This is, as mentioned earlier, a developer version and Google gives you repetetive messages to go back to your previous version of Android. This is clearly for obvious reasons that the software is not stable and is likely to have bugs here and there. We suggest you wait for atleast the beta version before you test it out for yourself. As far as the name of the version goes, nobody is quite
certain about it, although some people are  calling it the ‘Oreo’.  At least from past experiences we can tell that it
will be a name of a dessert of some sort.

Learn more about Android O here – 

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