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First Space Gray, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Jet Black, Matte
Black and now RED.

If you always wanted an iPhone but weren’t a fan of the
already existing colour choices
offered by Apple, this might be the right opportunity to grab an all new
special edition Red iPhone 7. Yes, you read that right. A RED iPhone 7. Apple, in order to spread awareness
about AIDS and in an attempt to eradicate it completely from the face of the
earth, have launched a new (product) Red iPhone (in association with Red). The revenue
generated by the sales of these limited edition phones contribute  to support HIV/AIDS programs that provide
counseling, testing, and medicine that prevents the transmission of HIV
from a mother to her unborn child. against AIDS.

As you’d probably guess, we the reviewers lost our minds
when the news first came out. As we know that Apple are quite restricted to their way of presenting things (products) to the consumers, so this came out as a bit of a shock to us. The Red iPhone in all its glory
is a red iPhone to oversimplify things. The back
features a crimson-ish red, which for some users was an issue as the product
appeared to be a ‘jet’ version of the red colour like the Jet black iPhone. The
front panel is WHITE, so if you dig the black-red combination this might be a
disappointment for you.
From a neutral stand point though, the phone looks absolutely gorgeous.

What’s Inside!!
Despite of having the new
exterior, the phone still is pretty much the same regular iPhone 7 or 7 Plus in
terms of interior. It still has the same 5-inch and 5.5-inch display for iPhone
7 and 7 Plus respectively. The phone still features the same cameras i.e. 12 MP
for iPhone 7 and Dual lens for iPhone 7 Plus. The same battery and the same A10
fusion chip powering the device. And the device is still missing the headphone
jack. The only thing new is the colour and the fact that you are contributing
to the good of mankind by buying the device.
Where to get it?
The Product Red iPhone is
available for Indian consumers exclusively on The phones are available
in only 128 and 256 GB variants. It is currently on a discount of about Rs 5000
for the 128 GB variant of the iPhone 7 and costs Rs 65000. The 256 GB
variant of the 7 costs Rs 80000 roughly. The 7 Plus costs Rs 80000 for 128 GB
and Rs 92000 for 256 GB. You can get an additional discount of Rs 7.5K on
exchange of your previous phone given that you are situated at an area where
Amazon offers exchange offfers.

So, to conclude, if you have
1 lakh Rupees lying around and you want to spend it and do some good for the
society in the process this phone is for you. Maybe you’re already on an iPhone
7 or 7 Plus and want to change to a new colour you should definitely check this
one out. You might have never owned an iPhone and want your first one to be special,
Red iPhone is what you need!   
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