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1.  Quick Calculation from Address Bar

This is something unique you must not be knowing. Yes, you can use google search bar for fast calculation. Just type in search bar 12*50 and wait a sec. The result will come up automatically.
2.   Google Chrome Task Manager
We all know that Ctrl+Alt+Delete brings up Windows task manager. But only some of us know that Google Chrome has its own task manager.

Chrome treats each tab as a separate process so if just one of them starts causing a problem, instead of closing the entire browser, you can just kill the offending tab.

You can access it through Tools > Task Manager or by pressing Shift+Esc.
3. Convert Web Page To PDF Document 
STEP 1:Open Google Chrome browser.
STEP 2:Press ctrl+p on your key board(command+p).

STEP 3:Click on change.

STEP 4:And then click on “Save as pdf”
STEP 5:Click on save.
4. Use Google As Proxy
If your school or office stops you from
visiting certain sites, just use type “cache:WEBSITENAME.com” into
the search box and avoid the block. It’s that easy.
5. Find The Best And Cheapest Flight
Google Flight Search allows us to
quickly access to information from various airline and travel sites in one
place. It shares many of the same features as the other sites such as airline
comparisons, rate monitoring, and price trends. Its lacks ads and straightforward
approach. For example, if you’re flexible with your travel dates, the ticket
prices are listed day-by-day on the calendar. Go to Google Flight Search.
6. Build Stuff With Legos
When you become bore of your work,
Google has something interesting for you. Legos is puzzles and building blocks
game. And if you have small kids in the house, show them this. They’ll love it.
The free online Lego builder browser
extension works with Chrome and Firefox, and allows you to build models out of
Legos. The models are saved to the cloud, where you can share them and see
models that others have created. 
7. Keep Track Of Time
Google helps us to stay on schedule by
easily allowing us to set timer just by typing “Set a timer for [x]
minutes,” and Google will pop up a timer. There’s a handy stopwatch to the
right of the timer window.
If you to know in advance how much time
it take to reach to particular destination just type “How long does it
take to get to [destination]?” Google provides the approximate drive time
including any road construction or delays. It also shows time to reach to other
8. Count Calories
When you’re wondering how many calories
are in a particular meal, type, “How many calories does [food item]
have?” and Google will tell you the answer. It also includes details such
as portion sizes, and additional ingredients that are factored in to the
overall calorie count. It can also be used to compare the calorie count of
different foods.
9. Explore The Sky
With Google now you can step off of our
planet and into the universe with Google Sky.
Instead of searching locations on this
planet, you look at outer space using images from different telescopes, probes
and satellites. It works similarly to Google Earth. You can search for items in
the search bar at the top and Google Sky will show you the most recent images
of the stars, planets and galaxies you are looking for.
The tool also includes showcases at the
bottom of the page to direct you to popular and interesting parts of the map,
like images from the Hubble Telescope and shots of our own Solar System.
In addition to the basic map, you can
look at infrared and microwave images of space. You can also look at a historic
map of the stars made by Giovanni Maria Cassini in 1792! For fun, overlay these
different images on top of one another to see how they compare.
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