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Today, Whatsapp has become a prominent app with more than I billion users. This app is the first choice for everyone for exchanging texts, videos or audio clips. As it gaining more and more popularity, it develops new features like video calling, unsent the sent text and much more to make it comfortable and handy for the users. At present, Smartphone without Whatsapp is of no use.
Unfortunately, one gets irritated and tired of the group text. Having Whatsapp, one gets to check his or her mobile frequently, if someone has texted you or not. All these keeps you annoyed and at one point, you would want to delete it permanently so that you could put more concentration your work than on WhatsApp.
By uninstalling WhatsApp, it only deletes its icon from your mobile doesn't delete it permanently. Once you re-install, you would still be in the part of your old groups.
Now let's see how to delete WhatsApp account permanently.

  •   From your Whatsapp on your mobile, go to your setting and click on it.
  •    Tap on to your account.
  •    After tapping on the account, click on delete my account.
  •    Now, you have to enter your registered Whatsapp phone number and click on delete my account on the red background screen.
  •    Your next step is to enter the region you belong to and what's the reason for quitting Whatsapp account. After entering, tap on deleting my account.

Now you Whatsapp account are permanently deleted. If you want to use the app again, you must create new Whatsapp account.
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