LG Product Note: LH62 & LH64 Boom Blast Multimedia Speakers

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you want a home speaker that livens up your house parties? The latest addition
to LG’s multimedia range of multimedia speakers, LH62 and LH64 are your best
bet. LG is committed to giving its consumers the best quality sound experience
and these speakers come with a load of power packed features and set new audio
all have the habit of playing music via our smart phones but the sound
experience is not that satisfying. Fortunately these Bluetooth speakers help
you jam your playlist wirelessly and add on to the sound output of your
playlist. It amps up the volume and gives your music that extra kick to help
you unwind at the end of the day.
and LH64 boom blast multimedia speakers, as the name suggest delivers blasting
sound and is the ideal solution for every music lover. The speakers are
specially crafted for home and workspaces. The elegantly designed speakers
bring your movies, music and games to life.
Some unique features of the LG Multi-Media Speakers are:
·     Powerful Sound – LH62is 2.1ch speaker
system which deliver a 36 watt ,sound output whereas LH64 is 4.1ch multimedia speakers which delivers a 54 watt ,
it delivers Balanced
and Clear Sound and subwoofer add to the bass effect
·     Multi Convenience – The speakers have been specially crafted to give maximum convenience
to the user. this is industries most advanced speakers system which has not
only Bluetooth but it has Bluetooth standby also  which enable it can be power “ON” thru
earlier connected mobile Phone  folder
change option gives option to select Folder, with excellent FM Receptions it
can store up to 50 FM radio stations and it can be operated via a remote, wall
mountable and have a large premium digital display
·     Multi Connectivity – The speakers are
Bluetooth enabled and can be wirelessly connected to your Smartphone, tablet,
PC, laptop, etc. The speakers consist of portable in, aux in and USB ports
The LH62 and LH64 Boom Blast Multimedia Speakers are
available in two colours, black and gold. The speakers are priced at Rs. LH62 –
Rs 5990/- and LH64 – Rs 6990/- respectively in India and are available at
select LG Brand Shops.
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